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DMA_FLAG_FEIF0 value incorrect in stm32f4xx_dma.h?

Question asked by wieser.anthony on Jul 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2014 by Clive One
While trying to track down my DMA2 stalling problem, I've tried to enable interrupts for things other than completion.

As a result, I notice that these two definitions:









DMA_FLAG_FEIF0 ((uint32_t)0x10800001)
#define DMA_FLAG_DMEIF0 ((uint32_t)0x10800004)

set a bit that's listed as reserved in LISR for DMA2.

Surely the 8's are erroneous, and should be zeroes, looking at the documentation of the register.


#define DMA_FLAG_FEIF0 ((uint32_t)0x10000001)
#define DMA_FLAG_DMEIF0 ((uint32_t)0x10000004)