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STM32 Timer XOR function TI1S bit, clarification

Question asked by krueger.thomas on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by Clive One

I am refering to the STM32F2xx Ref manual, Timer, XOR function (also known as Hall Sensor Interface)  asto above picture-extract on page 290.

I try to understand.

We have the 3 Timer inputs CH1,2 and 3 each going to its dedicated input-signal-conditioner.

On CH1 there is an XOR Gate whos inputs connect to CH1,2 and 3.
(Is that a real XOR-Gate or just an OR-Gate??)

Its output goes to an ??-Gate that also accepts the original CH1 signal.

What Logic Gate would that be?...OR-gate?

As i understand, the TI1S-bit would switch the XOR-Gates output to the ??-Gate input.

My desired APP was to use CH1 as a clock input.
CH2 and CH3 receive a Gate-signal that shall inhibit the CH1 clock when they are high.
(XOR function)
But it does not seems to work.

Has anybody experience with this XOR functionallity?