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USB MSC BOT transfert problem

Question asked by bichou.romain on Jul 9, 2014
Hey guys,

I'm using STM32F4 discovery board and I have some problems to communicate between MCU and PC using MSC BOT protocol.

I would like to exchange data from my MCU to my PC and my PC to my MCU.
I'm using the library stack (see attachment) with devie msc example.
When I'm running the program, I'm able to see my device like a mass storage device using USB View program. 

I modified a little bit this program to send a buffer from my MCU to my PC but it doesn't work. I'm checking on a usb sniffer (bus hound) and it show me some errors like babble detected and stall PID.

Do you know this kind of error, have you already worked on it ?

Thank by advance.