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Oversampling and Decimation - can it be used for timer instead of ADC?

Question asked by karakaya.mehmet on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by knik
hello dear forum,

By using a method called ‘Oversampling and
Decimation’ higher resolution might be achieved, without using an external ADC.

I have read this above sentence in an application note for increasing the ADC resolution

for an 2 bit increase in ADC resolution for example it suggests 4*4 samples added together
and then the result is right shifted 2 bits and the ADC resolution is improved for example from 10 bit  to 12 bits 

my question is following 

I want capture the duty of a 100 KHz square wave 

for example if duty is 50%   the capture value with 72 Mhz F103 clock
is 360

if the duty is %40 the capture value becomes 288

you see the resolution is very poor ( only 72 count difference )

my question is if I use the above technic ( oversampling and decimation for ADC ) for the timer capture values ,

do I get the same resolution improvment ?

thank you