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Question asked by aguilar.jonathan on Jul 7, 2014

Hello Everyone,


My goal is to communicate with my board via LABVIEW from Texas Instruments.  To do so, I need to compile a Virtual_Com_Port_Demo included in the STM32_USB-FS-Device_Lib_V3.3.0 . The IDE being used for this project is the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version, IAR Embedded Workbench common components version . The STM3210E-EVAL evaluation board is applied for this project. In the process, the Virtual_Com_Port_Demo.eww is opened by using IAR.  However, in order to prepare USB communication with LabVIEW, the usb_desc.c, usb_desc.h,usb_endp.c and usb_prop.c should be modified for the USB program according to the project. Attached is a .pdf file with the instrumentation of the project whereas the codes are included all the way in the bottom of the .pdf file(Appendix A.2). Nevertheless, the modification does not give me any issue. It will be helpful to take a look at the code in order to understand my goal. 


So here is the issue: 

---- In the compilation process I get an error,

 Error[Pe020]:identifier "Virtual_Com_Port_StringSerial" is undefined C:\Users\Jonathan\Projects\STM32_LabVIEW\STM32_USB-FS-Device_Lib_V3.3.0\Project\USB_Labview\src\hw_config.c 


Error[Pe020]:identifier "VIRTUAL_COM_PORT_DATA_SIZE" is undefined C:\Users\Jonathan\Projects\STM32_LabVIEW\STM32_USB-FS-Device_Lib_V3.3.0\Project\USB_Labview\src\hw_config.c 





Attempted Solution (Failed) - Modified Virtual_Com_Port_StringSerial to USB_LabView_Port_StringSerial and VIRTUAL_COM_PORT_DATA_SIZE to USB_LABVIEW_PORT_DATA_SIZE as defined in usb_desc.h  .....It did not work.



It seems there is something occurring in the hw_config.c 


I'm not an expert in C-Programming. I mostly know Java. So, this is quite complicated for me. If anyone has been involve in this project and has similar issue or has C-programming experience, Can you please help ?