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Why emWin projects provided by ST do not use GUI_TOUCH_Exec()?

Question asked by ChiaSyan on Jul 6, 2014

All the sample projects (involving STemWin library) provided by ST do not use the "GUI_TOUCH_Exec()" to update the pointer position, only "GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx()" is used instead.

However, as mentioned in the emWin manual, "GUI_TOUCH_Exec()" must be called consistently (every 10ms) for measuring the touch screen and updating the pointer position (through implementing GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureX() + GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureY()).

I understand that ST's project has made the measurement separately in BSP_Pointer_Update() but my question is, why the GUI_TOUCH_Exec() is not being used at all? Is it safe to code this way?

Thank you.