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ERROR (expected ';', ',' or ') when I include a .h

Question asked by prieur.jean on Jul 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by prieur.jean

I know my problem is a little bit vague but I can't find a solution...

I have this classic error when I compile:  [cc] C:\Users\Jean\Desktop\PYRAMID CODE\src\IOs\MIDI\midi_in.c:196:51: error: expected ';', ',' or ')' before numeric constant

This error happends when I had a .h file in the midi_in.c file. This .h is already included in other .c files and causes no error.

I'm sure I have no syntax error in all my files, and when I don't include this .h I have no error.

Have you ever had this error when you add a .h and you have no syntax error?