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STM32F407 : auto reboot in BootLoader DFU mode

Question asked by GPTechinno on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by GPTechinno
Hi everybody,

I wonder if it is possible for the STM32F407 to reboot itself into Bootloader mode ?

I am thinking of doing :
- control NRST with a GPIO in OpenDrain mode (GPIO has no internal pull resistor, because NRST has internal pull up already)
- just add a 100nF capa on NRST signal to stabilise it
- fix BOOT1 to 0 with external pull-down of 10k
- external pull-down 10k on BOOT0 for normal boot operation on Internal Flash
- let another GPIO control BOOT0 through a RC or another method to be sure the BOOT0 signal will be sampled to high when reset occur and so STM32F4 boot in Bootloader mode

This seems very risky, so I would like to have comment from you, and specially if you already tried this kind of setup...