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STM32F437: USB HighSpeed / ULPI SMSC3370

Question asked by edu on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by edu
We've designed a USB board based on an STM32F437 microcontroller, associated to an SMSC-USB3370 ULPI device clocked by a 60MHz external oscillator.

We are facing an issue with the USB enumeration as our board is recognized as a FullSpeed one when we have configured it through the STM32CubeMx tool and associated HAL, as a HighSpeed one.
We've spent some time on that issue with no success so far, whatever the USB device class we've tested. 
Searching on the ST Forum, it looks like there have been issues reported by users with the STM32F4 / SMSC-USB33xx devices combination, but without a clear conclusion on whether the problems had been addressed or not, besides an issue identified with the SMSC chips that provide the LowPower  feature.

Does anyone know if that combination has any chance to work reliably, or/and have successfully implemented it ?