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USB HID Blocking write with UM1021 code

Question asked by smith.c on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by smith.c
Hi All,
I'm running a USB HID device on a STM32F207ZG IAR dev board. Details:
 * HS OTG port in use (not host)
 * Using the STM32 OTG core:
  * No DMA
  * Device Mode
  * Embedded Phy (operating at FS)

All is working fine - it is enumerating and transferring data. However...

I am finding that when I call the transmit routine for the device section of the library - DCD_EP_Tx() - it blocks (spins the processor) until the data has been transmitted on the bus.

I'm running an RTOS and I hoped (expected!?!) that this would be a non blocking call. I assumed that the DataIn callback specified by the library would run under interrupt when the data transfer has completed (which could thne populate a semaphore).

Has anyone else used this lib? Anyone else experienced blocking writes?

Interested in any help!!