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How to unbrick?

Question asked by styskal.matthew on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Clive One
I previously posted[DEAD LINK /public/STe2ecommunities/mcu/Lists/STM32VLDiscovery/Flat.aspx?RootFolder=/public/STe2ecommunities/mcu/Lists/STM32VLDiscovery/5V pin no longer supplies 5V; other problems too&FolderCTID=0x01200200770978C69A1141439FE559EB459D758000491D59B8574F8049B5DFA3E8B21CBA51&TopicsView=] this.

Is there any way to return the board to its usual state? Currently when plugged into USB, LD2 lights up (steadily, not flashing), the filesystem can't mount, and Keil can't detect the STlink.

I've read on a few threads here that it's almost impossible to brick these beyond repair, but I can't think of any way to go about fixing this.