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Wakeup from standby with Wakeup Pin

Question asked by palla.pinco on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by sung.chen_chung
I want know if is possible to wakeup the MCU(STM32F4) from standby power mode with only the Wakeup pin, without setting the RTC allarm.

i have try this but the MCU don't wakeup.


HAL_PWR_DisableWakeUpPin( PWR_WAKEUP_PIN1 );
/* Enable WKUP pin */
/* Request to enter STANDBY mode (Wake Up flag is cleared in HAL_PWR_EnterSTANDBYMode function) */

if i use the ST example code with wakeup from Pin or RTC allarm the mcu wakeup correctly, so i don't think there are hardware problem.