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St-Link firmware downgrade

Question asked by bouvett.emmanuel on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Bogdan Golab
Hi guys,

I have been using the ST-Link debugger with the KEIL IDE (v5.11a) to develop some code for the Inemo-M1 development board.

I had some issues trying to use the debugger with this version of Keil and when I contacted their help desk one of their personnel told me that "MDK-ARM v5.11a is compatible with V2.J20.S0 but not with V2.J21.S0. Now the firmware on my ST-Link has been updated previously to version V2.J21.S4. The guy at KEIL cannot confirm whether this version is compatible with v5.11a and hence I would like to regress my version of ST-Link firmware to V2.J20.S0... 

Is this by any means possible?