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Upgrade from USB Host Library 2.0.0 to 2.1.0

Question asked by jdcowpland on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Oli
Hi guys,

I recently upgraded my USB Host libary in one of my programs from version 2.0.0 to version 2.1.0 and it seems to have broken something. When I try to read a file from my USB Flash drive using FatFs, it crashes. Has anyone had any issues similar to this?

EDIT: When I say it crashes, it enters the f_open command in Fatfs and doesn't return a value. The USBH_MSC_Read10 command just seems to constantly return a USBH_MSC_BUSY and so it never exits a loop within the disk_read command. Further digging has led me to the USBH_MSC_HandleBOTXfer function, where after the first call to the read10 command( in diskio.c) the USBH_MSC_BOTXferParam.BOTState is equal to 0, which means that function never executes anything. I can' t find anywhere in the code where it gets set to 0. Anyone know why/where that might be happening?