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Setup I2C slave to have more than two addresses

Question asked by fog.kenneth_blaabjer on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by fog.kenneth_blaabjer
Hi ST,

I am using the STM32L151 processor on a custom made PCB. I use the I2C2 port as a slave and a GUI on my computer as master. The I2C1 port is setup as a master to control 12 slaves. 

The purpose is that the GUI should control the 12 slaves through the STM32L151 processor, and for that I need the processor to ACK on 12 different slave addresses plus 1 address for the processor itself. So 13 different slave addresses should be ACK from the STM32. 

Currently my porgram only interrupts on two slave addresses set in OAR1 and OAR2, but there must be some other interrupt that I can use to manually compare addresses from the GUI?

Unfortunatly I can not just include the 12 slave addresses in the datastream from the GUI, since it is a fixed standard that, unaltered, should also work with other I2C devices.

So my question is. Is there some interrupt that is called when an address is detected, that I can acces from software, so that I can manually decide if there is a match?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
Kenneth Blaabjerg Fog