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USB devices with 2 interfaces.

Question asked by jdcowpland on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by jdcowpland
Hi guys, looking for some help with a USB device I have which has 2 interfaces. The first interface is HID, and the second is MSC. I've modified the USB Host library so that it doesn't it doesn't fail in the MSC Interface Init. It's originally setup just to look at interface 0 here so I added a line to get it to look at interface 1 as well so that it didn't fail. This allowed me to mount the device with chan's FATFS. I can read from the device but I can't write to it. Debugging my way through it, the ep descriptors for interface 1 never seem to be there and I'm guessing that might be an issue. Not completely sure. Has anyone encountered this kind of thing before?