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STM32 CAN Bootloade Problem! No response!

Question asked by tippelhofer.mario on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by tippelhofer.mario
Hello All,

I'm trying to implement a CAN bootloader to flash my firmware over the CAN bus network. I'm using the OLIMEX STM32F405 board with CAN transceiver hooked up to both CAN peripherals.
I wrote a host application which should take care of the communication with the board. On the STM32 side I have the boot pins hardwired to boot-loader mode (Boot0 = High, Boot1= Low). 
When I try to send the CAN bootloader commands to init the communication as described in STM Application Note AN3154 the board doesn't respond at all. My CAN network is setup correctly at 125 kbps and standard CAN messages. I made sure that the CAN communication works by checking the tranmission on a separate CAN bus monitor.
I have no clue why the bootloader doesn't respond to my CAN commands. Is there anything else I need to do on the STM32 side other than setting the boot pins as described above? I also tried using the UART bootloader on UART3 which works properly.... only the CAN side is giving me issues.
Any help is very much appreciated!