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How can CCM help to improve complex computation performance (such as FFT, image decoding)

Question asked by chen.richie on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Jack Peacock
The scenario is as following:
1. Data is transferred by DMA from a camera or from an ADC via SPI to SRAM
2. Computation should be performed based on the incoming data.
3. The computation includes multiplication with look-up tables, division with look-up tables and etc.

How could CCM help to improve speed in the process?
1. Should data be moved from SRAM to CCM to perform computation? Since SRAM will be accessed by DMA from time to time.
2. If data arrays are stored in CCM, then the C-M4 does not need to take AHB any more to read data from SRAM. However, CCM is only connected with C-M4 through D-Bus. Will the computation instructions be loaded from FLASH? Could C-M4 store some kind of instructions?
3. Is it a good idea to store the look-up tables used during computation into CCM? 
4. Anything else? Comments are really appreciated.

Thank you very much.