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Can I generate multiple interrupts using same timer or not ?

Question asked by anton.bogdan on Jun 10, 2014
Hi guys, i am trying to make some 3d orientation for a RC toy. So i have a MPU6050 from wich i read 6 axis ( 3 xyz gyro, and 3 xyz accelerometer).
Search the internet till exaustion, and found a little project using some IMU filtering, however the project is complied in somekind of "online complier"
The original code can be found here:

My problem is not implementing the actual 6 axis readings/filtering, but saw there some kind of custom ticker appeal "Ticker.attach".
At first sight that looks to me like a interrupt caller.

accelerometerTicker.attach(&sampleAccelerometer, 0.005);

gyroscopeTicker.attach(&sampleGyroscope, 0.005);
filterTicker.attach(&filter, FILTER_RATE);

From above and the original code i can see that there are 3 distict interrupts defined at specific intervals, im right?

In my code i have setup the timer to 5miliseconds ( 1/0,005sec = 200hz), wich generates a interrupt event every 5 ms,
Using one timer was ok. But if i need 3 distinct operations in every interrupt? Or lets say i need 3 interrupts events, one for sampling acc, one for sampling gyro and the last for filter computations.
Are these achiveable with one timer or i must use 3 separate timers?
In the case of using 3 timers, i must declare the priority in the order i want to execute my functions? 
For example i want 1st int to sample acc, that would mean priority 1
timer 2 sample gyro sensor at 5 ms , priority 2?
timer3 filter calculations at Filter_Rate, priority 3?

I am using IAR as IDE and discovery f4 board hooked with stm32f407VG