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STM32F429 / 439 max concurrent DMA transfers

Question asked by dimopoulos.stavros on Jun 5, 2014
The STM32F40x and STM32F41x Errata sheet (device limitations) describes a limitation with the DMA2.
"2.1.10 DMA2 data corruption when managing AHB and APB peripherals in a concurrent way"

Does the above note also apply on STM32F429 / 439? Have anyone tried to have more than two concurrent DMA2 transfers on STM32F429 / 439?

Is it possible to have 19 concurrent DMA transfers (16 peripheral DMA and 3 dedicated DMA)?
8 x  DMA1 channels
8 x DMA2 channels
1 x USB HS dedicated DMA
1 x Ethernet dedicated DMA