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SPWF01S.11 server HTTP/0.9 version pages blocked iOS10

Question asked by vincent on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by vincent

I am using SPWF01.11 FW3.5 as webserver as described in a previous post.
This webserver is made of 1 HTML Frameset (main.html) + 3 HTML frames (m.html / sm.html / data.html) to override the 4ko limitation.
I am also using local jQuery (v 1.2.3) (53Ko).
My static pages are created with httpd_gen.exe creating outfile.img.

This webserver work well on my desktop PC + several smartphone using android or iOS 8.4.
I then try on different iphone with iOS 10 and the pages are blocked (I tested Safari/Firefox/Opera Mini with all the same problem).
Consulting safari error consol I get the message:
"Sandboxing m.html beacause it is using HTTP/0.9"
"Stopped document load from m.html beacause it is using HTTP/0.9 on a non default port"
The 3 HTML frames pages have the same problem.

The problem of non-default port is strange as my server is tested on port 80.

As I don't know much about HTTP version, my questions are:
    - does anyone encountered this problem ?
    - what is the HTTP web server version of SPWF01 V3.5
    - where is this version : in outfile.img / in the server lwIP/1.3.1 of the SPWF01 ?    

Thanks for help.