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F103 Input capture too slow

Question asked by ausfresser.gabe on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by ausfresser.gabe
I have a high speed clock at 10 MHz going to the processor's TIM4 input capture pin (ch.3). I would like to verify that the clock is running at 10 MHz with the processor's input capture. I coded the processor with the input capture module, and it works fine for lower frequencies (around 1 kHz or so). Once I start to climb the frequency up to the MHz range, the processor starts to miss interrupts and thus gives me an incorrect frequency. I didn't see anywhere in the datasheet that states the maximum frequency that the input capture can read. I have an external clock of 8 MHz, and a core clock of 72 MHz, so I would imagine that I can read a 10 MHz signal. Any ideas?