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STM32F050 replacement

Question asked by VDM on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by VDM
Hello friends,

I have a board using the "old" STM32F050K4U6.

ST has suddently removed the webpage of this micro .. so I can even not check if ST suggests any replacement or what to do ...

So my question is : does anybody knows what should replace the STM32F050K4U6 ?

It seems the STM32F031K4U6 is the same, I can't see any difference in the datasheet. Can anyone confirm ?

And the last (but not least), ST says "No availability reported, please contact our Sales office" ...

So what ST does for its customer using a microcontroller that has been produced only 3 years and has been stopped suddently ?

Thanks for help.

Best regards.