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stemwin support for GUIDRV_Mem

Question asked by shah.vismay on Jun 1, 2014
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Hi All,

We are using STM32F429 Controller with LS013B7DH03 Monochrome LCD.

As per document STemWin5.pdf  :

30.1.4 Available, but not yet migrated drivers

GUIDRV_Mem   - No controller, writes into main memory
Requires ISR or special hardware to refresh LCD
(monochrome displays)

So It seems our LCD should fit into category of GUIDRV_Mem. and So as per document it seems this drivers are not supported in current version of stemwin  STemWinLibrary522.

So is there any new version available of stemwin which supports GUIDRV_Mem ?

As we are using MDK-Middleware Version 5.1.4 for Keil. It has example LCDConf.c under Sample\LCDConf for different displays. So any sample config file LCDConf.c available which demonstrates using GUIDRV_Mem ?

Please help us on this.