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STM32F105 based USB Mass Storage ... Help needed!!!

Question asked by holey.gaurav on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by sung.chen_chung
Dear All,

This is Gaurav. This is my first post to the Forum. I am trying to implement STM32F105 based USB Mass Storage. I got success with its implementation with 2 GB SDCARD. For further development, I am facing following difficulties

1. My Mass Storage Device should be detected  with my name only and not as "Removable Disk"
-> I have tried changing product,manufacturer string in device descriptor mentioned in msc_desc.c and inquiry fields in msc_storage_msd.c .
-> I am able to see the custom name while ejecting my device, under Windows7 It appears like:
"Eject My USB Dongle"
--"Removable Disk"

2. I want to add SDHC support to my device.
-> I have gone through the detailed discussion of "Clive1 and Longchair.m" regarding the same. I am exactly facing the same issue of getting stuck at SD_GetResponse Routine. I am not able to formulate any solution for this :(

Thanking you all in anticipation...Please revert ASAP.

Gaurav P. Holey