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PDR_ON connection question

Question asked by palani.sathishkumar on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by Amel N

We are using the controller STM32F427ZIT6 from ST in our design. As we are using the NRST pin for processor reset in our older design(Atmel AT91FR40162S-CJ) we are trying to Bypass the Internal Reset circuitry of ST.

 In ST LQFP144 Package there is no options to bypass it. It is having following 2 Options

  1. It has to be connected VDD if we are using internal reset controller.
  3. It has to be connected to external voltage supervisor circuit.

Our design snapshot is embedded in the question

 The question we have is

  1. Our design concept, The NRST will be released after the PDR_ON is released from the reset. So it is like bypassing the PDR_ON by using NRST.
  3. If we connect(PDR_ON) it to ground or week pull down or float, I think the Processor will not Power up. Is it correct?
  5. Is there any possibility or registers to bypass or eliminate the PDR_ON signal.
  7. If I use my 2.9V reset signal from external voltage detector(Refer attached sch) as PDR_On. Is it will work.

 Is there any IBIS model, Recommended Layout diagram for STM32F427ZIT6.