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ST LINK V2 & STM32F205

Question asked by Peden.Fabrice on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by Peden.Fabrice
Hi everybody,

I'm programming a STM32F205. I program it with a J-LINK and IAR, and it works well.

Now I'm trying to use a ST LINK V2. It seems to program my microcontroller, because I have no error, but I have a warming with the size of my stack.

I have already looking for information on the forum.

So I've tried to pull down BootX pins, and it doesn't change something.
When I'm programming my microcontroller with the ST LINK V2 & STM 32 ST LINK utility, it works well.

So now I'm trying to understand why in some cases it works (J-LINK, ST LINK + ST LINK utility) and why in other cases (ST LINK + IAR) it doesn't work !

If you have some ideas to help me,

Thank you in advance,