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Point to a char array for displaying on LCD?

Question asked by anton.bogdan on May 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 25, 2014 by Trev
Hi, i have a bmp085 bosch pressure&temp sensor, wich i want to show my data in format 25.4 degree

The raw readings are ok,
i have the following code going

uint8_t tlsb;
uint8_t tmsb;
uint16_t temp;
char txt[10];
sprintf(txt,"%d",temp); // converts int to string
char *ch1;
char *ch2;
char *ch3;
UB_LCD_2x16_String(0,1,txt); // if i use only this, it shows me 254 value, wich is corect since i have 25.4 degree
but i wanna split the chars so i can add comma".", the result i wanted to be like this

UB_LCD_2x16_String(0,1,ch1); // displays first digit ( 2)
UB_LCD_2x16_String(0,1,ch2); // displays second digit (5)
UB_LCD_2x16_String(0,1,"."); // displays only a dot (.)
UB_LCD_2x16_String(0,1,ch3); // displays the last digit (4)

The problem is at the pointing trough the txt char array. I`m not so familiar to standard c, used only mikroc builtin libs. Have any idea how to point