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STM32 Pin config question

Question asked by max.e on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by Chris T
Hello all,

as a newbie to STM32 I am unsure how to configure the pins for CS and PWM in the attached picture. The Buzzer is from mikroElektronika.

Thje buzzer ist from mikroElektronika, but they didn't really help with an example. Their example says basically something like


and that's it: They do not provide the source of the corresponding library.

So my questions are
  1. If PWM shall be the sound-signal and CS shall turn on or off the sound: How do I have to configure the processor-pins for CS and PWM according to the schematic shown in the picture. PullUp, Pulldown, openDrain?
  3. Can it happen that I destroy one of the ports/portpins if configure kind of a short between these pins? e.g. PullUp on CS vs. PullDown on PWM ?

Your help is very much appreciated as I do not yet know very well the characteristics of the STM32 and its portpins.

PS: I have seen that the attachment was uploaded, but do not know how to make it visible ...? Hope you can see it.