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STM32 USB interrupt overrun problem

Question asked by mynickname on May 20, 2014
I'm developing a HID application on STM32F103. I use ST's HID example application. I just changed usb descriptors for my application. But this is not related with that.

I initialized all things in the same order with example. Changed pull up pin with mine.

I succesfully received data from PC.

But I tried to run again, I always stuck in ISR. When I debug below code, I get wIstr = Decimal 8448 (Hex 0x2100). It is not any flag or something. Why this happen? So there is no clear function about this value, application always runs into interrupt.

Additional info:
When I connect PC, it does not recognize. So I work when cable is not plugged.

in debug, deviceState value is : ATTACHED

void USB_Istr(void)
    uint32_t i=0;
 __IO uint32_t EP[8];
  wIstr = _GetISTR();