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STM32F4 (F4 discovery board) interrupt Issue

Question asked by PH on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by waclawek.jan
Hi everybody, 
I have an unstable behavior on an ADC interrupt.
My user code is very simple, I initialize my different peripherals (timer, ADC, GPIO) then I just a have an infinite  loop.
My Callback for my ADC interrupt just get the ADC value. The ADC is configured to start conversion on a trigger from timer 2.
I observe that the number of code lines in my program give two different result:
- All is fine: I have a periodic IT on my ADC
- Error: the Interrupt happens just one time and then never.

The code lines I add to get the different behaviors are independent from the program, it can be variable initialization, variable indentation, ..

As IDE i use IAR ewarm 6.30.
Any ideas whats wrong? I got no errors on the compiler, or debugger.
Thanks for your help,