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STM32F303CC not working

Question asked by bhargava.chaitanya on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by bhargava.chaitanya
I used the stm32f3 discovery board to test some code and it works fine but when I run the same code on a custom breakout I made around the stm32f303cc it runs for a while and then stops.
The time it takes for the board to stop depends on the number in instructions I write. More the instructions faster does it stop working. And all i am doing is blinking LEDs
Can Anyone tell me what the issue can be? Since the code runs fine on the discovery board it seems to be a hardware issue but as far as I can tell the hardware is good. The oscillator traces are good. The reset line is pulled high along with a reset control capacitor and all power pins are powered.