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STM32F0 nBOOT1 bit

Question asked by luvizotto.bruno on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by gorkovenko.rodion
Dear friends,

I am really inclined to use the STM32F050 microcontroller. I would like to use its internal bootloader, but while I was reading the documentation (AN2606), I found the following:

"The hardware required to put the STM32F050xx devices into System memory boot mode consists of any circuitry, switch or jumper, capable of holding the BOOT0 pin high while nBOOT1 bit in the option bytes (starting at address 0x1FFFF800) is set to value 1. The setting of this bit can be done through the STLINK utility or an equivalent tool."

The question is: if I don't want to have a JTAG / SWD interface, how can I ensure that I will be able to enter the internal flash loader? Is the nBOOT1 bit set when it comes from the 

Thank you in Advance,

Bruno Luvizotto