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CMSIS compliant drivers STM32

Question asked by vijith on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by dieter 123
Currently i am working on a code refactoring project, my first requirement is to use CMSIS driver library for replacing existing driver library(developed by us) so that incase of a microcontroller change in the future, there wont be much work required.

 I looked at the CMSIS documents and downloaded CMSIS version 4 libraries from ARM and CMSIS complaint device drivers (STM32f105) from ST. The CMSIS folder has core peripheral access files, DSP files, RTOS files and so on. It has a driver API but which is not talking to the CMSIS compliant drivers(ST). (but as mentioned in the CMSIS ver4 architechture, the CMSIS driver API should call the low level CMSIS compliant ST drivers)

Can anyone please clarify
1.   CMSIS is only meant for standardization of core peripheral access functions and peripheral register name definitions only? (then there is no point in mentioning CMSIS as a interface standard for porting with different microcontrollers )
2.  Or is there a way to use those CMSIS driver API's(CMSIS ver 4) to call this CMSIS compliant ST drivers?