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STM32F207 FSMC connected to especially device

Question asked by ruzicka.karel on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by ruzicka.karel

I have a question about connecting specially device to a FSMC interface on STM32F207IGT6. There is some points describing this case it bellow.

-          MCU:                   STM32F207IGT6

-          DEVICE:               MVBCS1 – Siemens ASIC

Shared SRAM 1MB, data 16bit

-          Interface:           FSMC (STM32F207IGT6) <-> MVBCS1

FSMC configure to MVBCS1 connecting:

-          NOR FLASH mode

-          Synchronous

-          24MHz FSMC CLK (must be, require MVBCS1) – 96Mhz AHB CLK/4

-          Single burst

-          Wait enable

-          Wait configuration – waitstate inserted during WAITN active

-          WAITN active in logical 1


There are some questions, which are not explained by a STM datasheets.

Main question:

1) Will MCU wait before first issue a data on FSMC in read operation, when WAITN is active.

2) Will MCU wait before first write a data on FSMC, when WAITN is active?

I need, that MCU was waiting (WAITN is active before a data) before a data operation is possible in single burst mode.

There is some timing diagram with explanation this case.

Thanks for a reply