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[STemwin] "hello world" display in reverse

Question asked by yan.jeremy on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by abbasi.davoud
hi,I'm learning how to use STemwin,so my 1st routine"hello world" doesn't work well.
GUI_DispStringAt("Hello World!", 0, 0); shows all words in reverse at top-right,but all letters are correct.
 I set Config.Orientation =  GUI_MIRROR_X; (LCD_X_Config in LCDConf_FlexColor_template.c),
 if I set Config.Orientation = 0; all words show still at top-right and each letter is also in reverse. I am really confused what happened, it seems the coordination (0,0) is set at top-right.  The display controllor is ILI9481,MCU is stm32F407, can somebody help me out?  Thanks in advance.