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Microcontroller does not start

Question asked by A2 on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by gkennerknecht
I am facing a strange problem using STM3205RBT6
Sometimes when I power up my controller it does not get start executing the code.
First line of my code is to configure a pin output & toggle it. Sometimes it doesn't happen.

Most of time code works fine. When code does not run, then on connecting external debugger code starts running.

I was looking to attach my circuit in pdf format, but I found no such link here. 
Circuit is simple connecting all capacitors according to datasheet except on reset a 10K pull up & 0.1uF decoupling cap is connected.

I had also monitored the reset pin via oscilloscope no noise on it which could make it reset. 

Update (Guess) : I am using keil. It has function system_init() before entering main(). Possibly PLL get stuck sometimes & not get started. I have to add some counter which can break while loops in it. I am using PLL to create 120Mhz.
System_init file is created using excel utility provided by ST

Do anyone have same problem.
How to solve this problem.