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Slider used as 4 buttons on STM32L-Discovery

Question asked by gti20 on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by Thierry GUILHOT

I am new to this forum and I am programming the STM32L-Discovery using Crossworks.

I am currently trying to do something which I believe should be relatively simple. 
e.g when I touch the 1st quarter of the slider - do something (like turn on the 1st LCD bar say). Touch the second quarter of the slider and the 2nd LCD bar goes on, etc. Basically use the slider as 4 separate buttons, with 4 separate functions.

I tried to use some code similar to that used in one of the examples, e.g


    if( SLIDER_POSITION <= 25 )
     buttonPressed = 0; 
    if( (SLIDER_POSITION > 25 ) && (SLIDER_POSITION <= 110 ))        
     buttonPressed = 1; 
    if( (SLIDER_POSITION > 110 ) && (SLIDER_POSITION <= 200 ))        
     buttonPressed = 2; 
    if( SLIDER_POSITION > 200 )        
     buttonPressed = 3; 


However, regardless of where I touch the slider, "buttonPressed=0, always seems to be true.

If somebody could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

Can anyone recommend a good reference as to the possible ways to configure the operation of the slider?