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STM32F4 voltage and current measure

Question asked by gallucci.carmelo on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by gallucci.carmelo
Hi All.
I'm trying to use my F4 to get information from an external sensor(is a piezometer).
I configure DMA+ ADC on PC1 pin and seems to work(i read something).
I have same problems adn i can't figure out.
1) PC1 voltage is floating. Still if i use a pull-down resistor(10KOhm)
2) Sensor has an external source power at 12V. I made a volt regulator to traslate it from 12V to about 2.28V. May a measure directly this Voltage(connecting to PC1)?
3) How can get mA of current in input? Sensor produce a range of mA(from 20mA to max 40mA). Is there any limitation on STM32F4?

I hope someone may give me some hints.