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STM32 IDE & Toolchain Selection -> Ok but what about CMSIS?

Question asked by ro.dru on May 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2014 by ro.dru
Digging more into researching and setting up a IDE and toolchain for working with the STM32.  I have been using the demo / code limited IAR software but now that I am looking into getting into something else to try out.

The IAR IDE/toolchain has the CMSIS libraries built right in.  I do remember having to get rid of any CMSIS library folders and references for example source code that I was trying to run.  In the configurations somewhere there was a check box to include the CMSIS libraries that came with IAR.  Not sure if this was all technically right or not but I did end up being able to run examples and write new code.

Now I am looking at using one of the following:
Eclipse with Launchpad GNU tools for ARM

I am leaning towards VisualGDB with STLINK V2 and OpenOCD at this point in time.  I would like to eventually get Segger J-Link.

The VisualGDB website does have prebuilt GNU toolchains but I am pretty sure you can use the Launchpad GNU tools for ARM as well.

It looks like Eclipse with the Launchpad GNU tools for ARM is essentially what Yagarto is from what I can see...

For all of the above there are other toolchain options that should be able to work such as the CodeSourcery GCC if I am understanding things correctly.

Anyways, after going through all of this, I did not see a reference to CMSIS at all.  So  when using the standard peripheral library is there a CMSIS library download that needs to be included in any code projects as well?  Does ST have CMSIS libraries or do you download the ARM one?

I *think* I basically understand all the parts and pieces and how they fit together except for this last piece.