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STM32F217VG + MicroSD + SDIO + FatFs problem

Question asked by morisi.luca on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by morisi.luca

I've a problem with my STM32F217VG. I need to use fat filesystem on MicroSD card (2 GB) to read/write/create files.
I tried to use Chan FatFs module but it didn't working at all ...
I use SD card in SDIO mode.

When I debug: I call the sub "f_mount" and return an error! I follow the problem inside : "disk_initialize" >> "SD_Init" >> "SD_PowerON" >> "CmdResp3Error" return always "SD_CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT" ... with or without MicroSD !!!! I'm desperate :-(((

1. I don't know if the subs "SD_Init", "SD_PowerON"... are the right ones! Where I can find the correct sub for my STM32F217 ?
2. What could be the problem ?