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SPI2 CLK output state when SPI2 is disabled on the STM32F103

Question asked by c.a.001 on May 5, 2014
   On the STM32F103, if I configure PB15 as AF_PP, and SPI2 as CPHA=0, CPOL=0, then enable SPI transmit a few words, and then disable SPI2, would the output on PB15 stays at the last state (which is 0 because CPOL=0)?  Or could the output state toggling between 1 and 0?
   I know the reference manual says "If software configures a GPIO pin as Alternate Function Output, but peripheral is not activated, its output is not specified.".  But it's not cleared to me if the output could toggle between states or it would always stay at the last state before I disable SPI2?