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STM32F0xx RTC wake up

Question asked by rivlin.meir on May 5, 2014
I'm trying to config wake up from deep sleep (STOP mode) in STM32F030 for 1350 milli seconds.
I've found a way to wake up in resolution of seconds with the Alarm with the following code:
   RTC_TimeTypeDef   RTC_TimeStructure;
    RTC_AlarmTypeDef  RTC_AlarmStructure;

    secondsLoad = wakeUpCounter / ONE_SECOND;    
    // Get current time 
    RTC_GetTime(RTC_Format_BIN, &RTC_TimeStructure);

    // Set the alarm to current time + Xs 
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmTime.RTC_H12     = RTC_H12_AM;
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmTime.RTC_Hours   = RTC_TimeStructure.RTC_Hours;
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmTime.RTC_Minutes = RTC_TimeStructure.RTC_Minutes;
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmTime.RTC_Seconds = RTC_TimeStructure.RTC_Seconds + secondsLoad;
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmDateWeekDay = 31;
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmDateWeekDaySel = RTC_AlarmDateWeekDaySel_Date;
    RTC_AlarmStructure.RTC_AlarmMask = RTC_AlarmMask_DateWeekDay | RTC_AlarmMask_Minutes |
    RTC_SetAlarm(RTC_Format_BIN, RTC_Alarm_A, &RTC_AlarmStructure);

As well I can configure wake up with resolution of sub seconds as following:
    if (wakeUpCounter > secondsLoad * ONE_SECOND)
        // Set AlarmA subseconds and enable SubSec Alarm : generate x interripts per Second 
        RTC_AlarmSubSecondConfig(RTC_Alarm_A, (wakeUpCounter - secondsLoad * ONE_SECOND), 7);

But I don't know how to configure it for 1.350 sec. (or 15.56sec)
Thanks you very much in advance for answer!