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Using internal USB PHY in FullSpeed with STM32F207

Question asked by dirr.sebastian on May 5, 2014
I'm trying to make the USB HS interface work in FS mode with the STM32F207.
I am using Keil uVision with the corresponding Middleware.

First of all, the F207 has two USB interaces: FS and HS.
FS works just fine with my code. To use the HS port of the Board you have to choose the HS driver and select the internal FullSpeed PHY. Theoretically the HS interface should now work in FS mode, cause there is no external ULPI connected.

When I try to connect it with the computer an enumeration failed error occurs. After analysing and comparing some interrupt registers (OTG_HS_GINTSTS) I noticed that among others the ENUMDNE interrupt is not received which indicates the end of the reset condition. USBRST, which indicates the beginning of the reset is recognized.

See attached the corresponding signal. I hope someone can help me.