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STM32F407 TEIF DMA transfer error interrupt

Question asked by fristedt.jan on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by waclawek.jan
Hi all,

I have searched and this is the only (relevant) hit I get:

Unfortunately I have an application were I want to use DMA for data transfer. ADC2 is sampled and data is put into internal RAM, decimated etc and then finally moved to external SRAM (FSMC). At times data is copied back into internal RAM to do some calculations (FFT etc) and then results are moved to external SRAM.

My problem is that earlier, when I only used DMA for transfer from ADC to internal RAM and occasionally out to and in from external SRAM everything SEEMED to be OK. Today I tried to change all data moves to DMA to save CPU cycles. Unfortunately I get TEIF errors both if I use interrupts for DMA and polling. Only transfer errors, never any transfer completes.

I read the errata and found something about problems with DMA2 in section 2.1.10. As I read it, it is no explanation to my problem. But what do I know?

Anyone that recognise this problem?
Is there a solution? All ADCs use DMA2, all memory to memory use DMA2.
Is this section 2.1.10 related to my problem?