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Who's got success with DCMI ?

Question asked by gonzalez.laurent on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by gonzalez.laurent
Hi there,
I am struggling capturing WXGA(1280x1024) images with STMF429 and ov2640 (from STM324x9I-EVAL1 board).
SDRAM bandwidth looks just enough to cope with DCMI data and I often catch DMA FIFO errors (shall they be considered fatal, or is this possible to recover ?).
In the case I simply missed an essential parameter, I give hereafter my DMA configuration, but I am very interested in your experiences with DCMI (successes or fails).

dma_init.DMA_Channel = DMA_Channel_1;
dma_init.DMA_PeripheralBaseAddr = DCMI_BASE + 0x28;
dma_init.DMA_Memory0BaseAddr = 0xc0000000;
dma_init.DMA_BufferSize = DMA_STRIDE/4;
dma_init.DMA_DIR = DMA_DIR_PeripheralToMemory;
dma_init.DMA_PeripheralInc = DMA_PeripheralInc_Disable;
dma_init.DMA_MemoryInc = DMA_MemoryInc_Enable;
dma_init.DMA_PeripheralDataSize = DMA_PeripheralDataSize_Word;
dma_init.DMA_MemoryDataSize = DMA_MemoryDataSize_Word;
dma_init.DMA_Mode = DMA_Mode_Normal;
dma_init.DMA_Priority = DMA_Priority_High;
dma_init.DMA_FIFOMode = DMA_FIFOMode_Enable;
dma_init.DMA_FIFOThreshold = DMA_FIFOThreshold_HalfFull;
dma_init.DMA_MemoryBurst = DMA_MemoryBurst_Single;
dma_init.DMA_PeripheralBurst = DMA_PeripheralBurst_Single;
DMA_DoubleBufferModeCmd(DMA2_Stream1, ENABLE);
DMA_DoubleBufferModeConfig(DMA2_Stream1, 0xc0000000+DMA_STRIDE, DMA_Memory_0);
DMA_Init(DMA2_Stream1, &dma_init);

Note that due to the limitation of DMA transfer counter, I splitted my 2*1280*1024 bytes images into 64 pieces, each 2*1280*16 bytes.