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Sub-Dollar STM32F3 Floating-Point DSC available in Distributors Stock

Question asked by Amel N Employee on Apr 24, 2014

STM32F30x-Low memory size
STM32F301: the cheapest C-M4 in full production!


New STM32F301/302/303 microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with Floating-Point Unit (FPU) are in full production and now in stock at distributors:
  • STM32F301: The market-first sub-dollar Cortex-M4 devices with FPU in volume production brings 32KBytes to 64KBytes on-chip Flash and 16KByte of SRAM.
  • STM32F302 and STM32F303: offer extended Flash density from 32KBytes to 256KBytes. STM32F303 offers higher performance (90DMIPS) thanks to its (CCM-SRAM), which provides a “routine boost” equivalent to >100MHz CPU frequency execution from Flash. Additional STM32F3 devices with up to 512KBytes of Flash will be introduced later this year.
STM32F3 devices combine the 72MHz ARM Cortex-M4 core featuring DSP instruction set and FPU with high-performance analog peripherals to bring advanced integration to entry-level mixed-signal control applications.

To help engineers try out new ideas and quickly create prototypes, there are:
  • The new mbed-compatible STM32F302 Nucleo board, available at $10.32 (NUCLEO-F302R8)
  • The existing STM32F303 Discovery kit (STM32F3DISCOVERY)

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