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stm32f40x discovery TIM9 and TIM12 PWM input capture

Question asked by philsax on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by philsax
hi all,   I'm new in the forum and I am experiencing a problem of ISR , which doesn't  happen for TIM12 while, with same ch1 configuration register and same pwm signal input,  set the ISR calling for TIM9, as expected.  I am quite surprised of this behaviour and I have checked the TIM9 and TIM12 register configuration  but I cant found any difference .  I am about to check if there is any errata which may affect the TIM12 functionality: not yet done at the moment.  do you have any suggestion?  I am new to stm32 device and maybe someone can give me some tips on what to check and debug(keil V5)  .