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STM32F429 FMC SDRAM problem

Question asked by jiang.jason.001 on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by yang.wonryeol
Hi, I am using STM32F429ZIT6 in my new design. I got a Rev.Y silicon from DIGIKEY. I found that the SDRAM cannot be used as stack or heap, and now I know there is a problem as stated ES0206 “2.8.7 FMC dynamic and static bank switching”.

The problem is existed in Rev.A, RevY, and Rev.1 silicon as stated by ES0206. The workaround given by ES0206 is not reasonable for me cause there is FPGA and NAND connected to FMC, as while as the SDRAM, and the SDRAM will be used as stack and heap.

My question is when will the new silicon revision with all the FMC problems fixed be available? The FMC problem has hindered progress a lot, and I cannot wait for long long a time. If the new revision cannot be public available soon, can I get some engineer samples of STM32F429ZIT6 with new silicon revision?