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Stm32f29 swd problem

Question asked by mishra.arun on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by mishra.arun
Hi there,

I've designed a board on stm32f407zgt6 earlier and succeeded to connect my board with st link. All SWD connections were directly taken out from controller with no external pull-ups or pull-downs. Now again I've designed a board on stm32f429igt6 (176 pin package). On this board I've successfully programmed my code once. But after that I could not connect my board with st-link anymore. I'd also tried with new boards and new controllers but failed in doing so. I am using on board st-link debugger (one which comes with discovery boards).
Boot0 pin is directly ground (I've also tried to pull it down through 1k resistor) Boot1 is floating. Any kind of help/suggestion will be appreciated.